Apocalyptic Dream Machine, A Small Town Band Going Global

Apocalyptic Dream Machine has seen members leaves, but it has had one constant in its core member, Dana Sandoval. He has never considered shelving this band and has never given up on his dream to make music from his creative talents. Roster changes is one of many challenges that Dana has faced and he has been solid in his convictions that his compositions in Apocalyptic Dream Machine will never die.

Dana is from a small town in the Western United States where his style of music is a contrast that stands out like a lighthouse on a stormy night. Where many others would shy from the lime light this can create, Dana has harnessed it to create opportunities to perform in a number of nearby venues with the dream of having his music heard throughout the world. Even the brutal loss of a close family member hasn't squashed this dream to make something of his gifts in music. This loss became a lightning rod for him to gain direction in the clarity that can come from loss. It was this loss that would have been a death blow to many artists and Dana found a way to make this into something that would help evolve his music further.

Life has presented many challenges to Dana Sandoval, yet he has found ways to continue to progress as an artist. Many musicians will flock to the larger cities and adapt their styles to be like other artists that they admire. Apocalyptic Dream Machine has been an exploration tool for Dana to discover what styles of music that complimented his tastes without the restrictions that many of the larger markets can impose. It is this freedom that has made the music in Apocalyptic Dream Machine a diamond that has been taking shape with each stage of evolution that Dana has had in his progression in the world of music. Today his convictions to his music have reached new heights as he strives to show the excellence in his talents. He may be from a small town, but already he has shown that his music is truly global.

Dana's tireless devotion that has made him an admiration to those that have had the chance to know this gifted artist. We are proud to present his musical focus, Apocalyptic Dream Machine, as the latest member of the Music Eternal family.


Crest Fallin Within Emptiness by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Thank You Apocalyptic Dream Machine

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