Amautica Show A Side To Gothic Rock

Amautica bring a modern Latin America feel to the world of Gothic Rock. Their music is in spanish and gives a feel in the music that is a good hybrid of the Gothic Rock feel combined with an approach that could have only been done by skilled artists in South America. This rare combo has made for some truly impressive songs that extend beyond language to give a feel that anyone would enjoy.

The electronic guitar chords compliments the vocals and the rhythm laid by the drums. It is a feel that is a good tribute to a genre that is not often touched today in the fashion that Amautica has been able to perform. This is a band that truly is a gateway of the music from Gothic Rock's dominance and today's approach that few bands today have been able to master. We are happy to present them to the readers of Music Eternal as an impressive band and as the latest member of the Music Eternal family.

Espiritual by Amautica

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