Acid Horse, Music That Plays At Many Levels

Acid Horse was a collaboration of members of Ministry and Cabaret Voltaire. As such, it was like many of the Ministry side-projects in being short lived, but one with many underlying meanings in the name of the band, the songs, and the lyrics. It is this distinct approach that has been symbolic to many of the projects tied to Al Jourgensen.

One other distinction that Acid Horse is that each of the members also masked their actual names with pseudonyms. Al Jourgensen was Alien Dog Star, Chris Connelly was Gallopin' Scorpiosaddlebut, Stephen Mallinder was Biff, Paul Barker was Tennessee King, and Richard H. Kirk was Harold Sandoz.

The name Acid Horse is a fusion of drug slang terms. Acid (LSD) and Horse (Heroin) was a play off the growing popularity in the House music that was starting to take hold in the Central United States centered in Detroit. This also showed in how the two songs sound similar to the music released under side-project of Ministry's, PTP.

Some will say that Acid Horse is truly dead and part of the music history books, but those that know Al Jourgensen know that there is no such thing as never. When he is inspired, nothing truly dies in his collection of bands and side-projects.

No Name No Slogan by Acid Horse

No Name No Slogan by Acid Horse

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