AMoNdj Joins Music Eternal

A DJ is more than just a body playing the music for the masses, they are the conductor that makes all the music fluid in presentation. In the experience that the people have at the clubs and the other venues, a true DJ is the story teller with each song being a page of that story presented in a melody that entices the patrons to be a part of the experience.

AMoNdj has been on of the Czech Republic DJs that has played in his home town of Prague and in countless other locations in Europe since 2000. It is his passion and love for the music that has made him seek a higher standard in presenting the music. It is this standard that has made him an attraction at each venue he performs at.

We wish to welcome AMoNdj into the Music Eternal family. We will be presenting all that he is doing to the world and will do all we can to spread the word on this impressive DJ from the Old World.

AMONdj's Birthday Gift To The World

Dark Industrial Mix By AMoNdj For Free!

Deus by Hypermond.