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Welcome Opium To The Music Eternal Family


A name like Opium gives the impression that the band is either riddled with drug users or is promoting drugs. In Opium we have the music as the drug of choice and it is more addictive than any drug out there. Mixing a blend of Dark Electro and Trance into a style that is surprising good, Opium is showing that their mastermind is decades ahead of the electronic music learning curve.

Opium is one of the truly promising bands from France that has dived into the Electronic music world and show what true potential there is in this family of music. It is this inspirational vitality in Opium that has made us grateful that they have decided to become part of our Music Eternal family. They are one of the bright new faces in the music world and one that promises to be around for the many years to come.

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Music Eternal Is Happy To Welcome The Gifted Anna
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Anna Aliena Performs At Wave-Gotik-Treffen!
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