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Welcome Bob Crawford To Music Eternal!

Bob Crawford has worked with many of the greatest talents in music as a composer, a performer, a producer, and in vary levels for many of the labels in the Music World. His diversity in Jazz, R&B, Pop, and many other genres can only be matched with his impressive creativity in composing songs. Bob's masterful skill in weaving the lyrics and melodies has drawn many gifted and well known artists to perform his music.

There have been many that have been in the Music World for decades, some have proven that they can evolve with the birth of new genres. Bob Crawford has shown that he not only evolves as an artist, but has a lasting impact in shaping each genres that he has been a part of. This level of genius is a rare gift to the world and to music. Music Eternal is happy to present to you one of our newest members in this master of musical harmonics.

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