Sebastian Komor's Game Of Thrones Theme Version

There are many that are fans of the HBO Original Series Game Of Thrones. Many fans make tributes to their favorite shows and performers and this can be seen as the ultimate praise that anyone can do. For the Game Of Thrones, someone has made something extra special.

Sebastian Komor is one of the three parts to Icon Of Coil, the mastermind to Squarehead, Komor Kommando, Melt, and the driving force to many projects that other artists have created. Needless to say, he is a skilled and well known member of the music world that has an impact when he gives shape to his inspirations.

Game Of Thrones has been one of these inspirations for Sebastian and his form of tribute has taken the shape of an Industrial Techno version of the theme song. This version of the song is a powerful rendition that can easily rival any of the soundtracks by the electro artists of the world, like Daft Punk or Juno Ractor. 

Listen to it below, if you like it click on the album image and download it for 1 Canadian dollar.

Rhythm Machine by Komor Kommando

Love Your Neighbour by Komor Kommando

Rhythm Machine by Komor Kommando