Prayers For Angels On Acid


We regret to let everyone know that there has been some bad news on the Angels Of Acid homefront. One of the family members to the band has had some major health issues. Michael was kind of enough to explain to everyone on Facebook what has transpired:

"My father is in the hospital due to kidney failure and a stroke. They found several blood clots in his lungs and one in his legs. At this point they're not sure if his kidneys are working. If you pray please keep us in your prayers. If you're atheist please send us positive energy. My mother and I could really use it right now. This has been a tough couple of years for us. We lost my brother just a few years ago. I don't even feel like the same person anymore. I used to be so sure of myself and the future. It's all so fragile. If you have someone that you love my suggestion is to cherish your time with them. You never no when they may be gone." --Michael

Please go to his Facebook timeline and send him some supportive words and let him know that his family in in your prayers. It is hard for anyone to see this happen to their family. It is even harder when you are in a profession like music where you spend stretches on the road.

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