Music Eternal's Evolution Into Something Special

In the beginning we had a dream. One that was centered on being a positive force in the music world. We wanted to create something that the viewer would enjoy, the artists, labels, and other members of the music community would be proud of, and make it where this dream could expand to do more as more members of the music world became a part of this dream.

In June of 2013, we knew something was missing and sat down with members of Komor Kommando, Eternal Nightmare, Attrition, and O.P.I.U.M. We had them tell us what they wanted in a site that would present them, their music, and become a part of the Internet that they would be proud of. These ideas, combined with our ideas, became the revolution of what Music Eternal was to become. After 5 months of dedicated work, this revolution became the evolution of Music Eternal.

We are proud to present to you the new Music Eternal. In the coming days we will give more light to the original sections in the site, the original ones under new names, and the new sections that have been added to Music Eternal. These new additions, along with the new layout, are our dedication in giving support and appreciation of the music world.

Music has been one of the purest ways to express emotion in all facets. It is one of the deepest expressions of what art, humanity, and beauty truly are. Music was in the beginning of recorded time and has shown that it is timeless in how it is a part of each of our lives, just as it will be in the lives of future generations. This timeless beauty we call music is truly one of the Eternal representations of love, anger, depression, celebration, and even thought. This was the purpose in the name Music Eternal and we are glad to share it with each of you.

Welcome to our contribution of the Music World. Welcome to the haven we have for each member of the Music World and their many fans.

Welcome, to Music Eternal.

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