Music Eternal Welcomes ZTTK To The Family!

Zystem Tragic Terror Key (also known as ZTTK) was born in 2006 as an inspired vision to musical mastermind Dr. Zyn. The good doctor created ZTTK as a powerful outlet that expressed the intoxicating rhythms that haunted his mind and the aggressive tone that resides in his soul. This combination would form into a dynamic explosion of harsh electronics with a potent dance beat.

Over the course of the years he would include the beauty and skills of Rx io into ZTTK. This lethal combo would perform in Portugal, Mexico, and the United States from 2006 to 2013 showing the music that has been made in their 4 albums.

We are proud to annouce the addition of ZTTK to the Music Eternal family. We hope you will enjoy their music as much as we have. They are an inspiration of what true talent and ambition can do for a music artist that loves the music they make.


Genetic by ZTTK

Paraiso Nuclear by ZTTK

Eternidad by ZTTK