Music Eternal Is Happy To Welcome The Gifted Anna Aliena To The Family!


Anna Aliena has developed a style that shows her impressive range in vocals and an almost dark cabaret style in the music. This combination has been different than what most have heard and Anna is proof that different is good.

A voice that a siren would envy is one gift that Anna Aliena presents to the music world. Other areas are that the distinct style she has developed in her music is her own creation in the composition as well as in the performance. Combining these two strengths with her stunning looks and you have a performer that will make concerts that will live forever in your memories.

Music Eternal is happy to announce that this passionate musical artist is now a part of the Music Eternal family. We hope that you have as much pleasure in her incredible talents as we have had in hearing the many albums she has released since 2008.


Preview of Serenada by Anna Aliena

The Muse Trailer by Anna Aliena

The Districts History of Tomorrow With Anna Aliena