Music Eternal Gets A Dose Of Italian Metal In Awake For Days!


Italy has had a bunch of impressive musical artists, and Awake For Days is certainly one to keep this trend going. They bring forth a one-two punch of both the melodic Alternative Metal and the imposing aggression symbolic of Black Metal. These two styles are not crammed into each song, but are presented separately in their music. This dynamic is one that gives Awake For Days a presentation in their music that can easily rival Vlad In Tears and others of the Alternative flavor, but also where this band can go toe to toe with some of the powerhouses like 1349, Opeth, and many of the bands in Northern Europe.

Awake For Days has a debut album to be release this year. From what they have shared with a select few, this will be an album that any lover of all forms of Metal and Alterative music will want to get. It is this massive potential that has made Awake For Tears a band that we have grown to love for the music they have shared and countless other reasons that we are proud to welcome them into the Music Eternal family!

Nothing To Regret

Break Your Chains by Awake For Days

Magnificent Disorder Video by Awake For Days

Nothing To Regret by Awake For Days