Family Member Of Angels On Acid Update

We are happy that the update by Michael of Angels On Acid regarding his family member is good news! He has released two pieces of information on his father listed below.

"Just wanted to jump on and say thank you to those who kept my father in your thoughts. I hardly ever post about private matters but this one was pretty important. He seems to be stabilizing rather well. They have him on blood thinners which seem to be slowly minimizing the blood clots. We still don't know if his kidneys are working so continue to keep him in your thoughts. Love you guys and thanks again for your concern and positive energy!!!"

" dad is doing a better. he was released from the hospital yesterday and is slowly on the mend. Doctors still have yet to determine if his kidneys are working correctly so he's on a catheter for the next few weeks while they do further testing. They have him on blood thinners to reduce the blood clots. We still have a long road ahead of us but things are slowly getting better. can't thank you enough for you concern and keeping our family in your thoughts!" --Michael

Michael is an artist that has incredible talent and has shown a depth of love in it that is only rivaled by his love for his fans and his family. His father has had a number of medical problems and it is a huge blessing that he is on the mend. For someone that has given so much to the music world, please send him and his family positive wishes and thoughts. To have a loved one enduring hardships is truly a difficult course in life, but having those that are there as sending emotional support can mean more than all the monetary gifts in the world.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family Michael. If you would like  to send a note to the band, they can be contacted by their Facebook page here.


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