Black Tape For A Blue Girl Is The Latest Member Of Music Eternal

Projekt Records mastermind Sam Rosenthal has one other creation close to his heart, Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Black Tape For A Blue Girl has been one of the constant fixtures on the label and also in the Music World. The raw and pure expressionism in the music has been an intoxicating vise for those that have felt the power of the music. It is this ability in the music that has drawn other great artists from different fields to become avid fans of the many songs that have been released over the decades by Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

Sam may be the backbone of the band, but he isn't in the band alone. Over the course of time he has brought some of the great artists with a similar taste into the band's domain. The roster of  Black Tape For A Blue Girl is almost a who's who in the Dark Wave genre. In this sense the band reflects the depth of history and influence that Projekt Records has had in certain genres.

To know of a band like this is an honor, and we are glad that they are now part of our Music Eternal family!

As Lonely As Dave Bowman: POD by Sam Rosenthal

All My Lovers by Black Tape For A Blue Girl