Welcome, Nox Interna!


Music Eternal is happy to welcome Nox Interna to our family. It is an honor to have such a talented and passionate band in your family. For all of you that have yet to hear their music, we present you one of their official videos.

Nox Interna is a band that originated in Spain and expanded their influence into the German market. This is a tall feat and shows the level of commitment that Nox Interna has had in their music and in their fans.

Richy Nox has been the creative heart and soul of Nox Interna and the level of dedication that he has committed to this band is inspiring. We hope his depth of love for music will spread to others as they discover his band and their music.


Pray (Official Video):

Parasites by Nox Interna

Eternidad by Nox Interna

Kill Yourself (And Be Reborn) by Nox Interna