Miserylab Has Free Music For Its Fans

Miserylab has made it possible for anyone to get some of the creative works of Porl King for free! There is no costs for the free music, it is simply free for the many fans of the music that has been created through Miserylab.

Some of you may has who Porl King is and what is Miserylab. Porl King was the creative back bone, the voice, and one of the driving forces behind the Gothic band Rosetta Stone. After Unerotica, Rosetta Stone broke up and Porl continued to work in the world of music. First this project was known as Misery:lab, but eventually the name would be changed to what it is today - Miserylab.

As Miserylab, Porl has taken the direction that Rosetta Stone was heading to a new level. He has also added his perceptions of life, the world, and music into this powerful creation of his. Now, you can have a massive dose of Miserylab for free!

The free music can be found on the Official Website, by clicking here. If you are not sure if you want to venture into the world that Porl has made, we have made it a bit easier with a couple videos presenting his music for you to experience at the bottom of this article.

If you like what you hear from Miserylab, be sure to let Porl know either through the e-mail on his site or though Facebook.



Children Of The Poor:

Gods Amongst Your Friends:

Be There Tomorrow (Extended Remix):

Say What We Mean by Miserylab

Say What We Mean by Miserylab

People by Miserylab