Lori Crandall's I've Had To Learn Sample

Each person has a course in life. Sometimes these may be joyous, sometimes they may be bitter. It isn't the path that defines the person, but it is their life that educates them. For a painter, a writer, and a musician it is their life that is the foundation to all the emotions, thoughts, and the artistic vision. Lori Crandall's I've Had To Learn gives a potent expression of theses words from a perspective that few will ever fathom.

Lori Crandall has expressed the importance to quotes by such prolific people as Theodore H. White and Martin Luther King, Jr. A song like I've Had To Learn give a special twist to the messages of these visionaries and presents it in a way that both would be proud of. Her vocals and the piano give a haunting presentation of a message of unconditional love facing a love with conditions.

Songs can give insight to the artist, in I've Had To Learn, Lori Crandall gives insight to a voiceless few. They now have a voice in this new song for this gifted artist. May her heartfelt song touch the heart as much as its creation came from her heart.

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