Lori Crandall I've Had To Learn In 1 week!


In just one short week we will have the first taste of Lori Crandall's I've Had To Learn. This will not be the full version as she will have that available for the public in the middle of May, this will just be a sample to wet our pallets.

Many bands fall prey to being trapped in one genre, Lori Crandall is an artist that has embraced her country music passions, but has expanded it to fit her. She is proof in what a musical artist can be when they travel and strive for their dreams. Her music is a representation of this. Combine ambition with dreams and talent and we have a song we all are waiting to hear.

The sample will be available to everyone on April 17, 2012.

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Lori Crandall's I've Had To Learn Sample