Lori Crandall Is Coming Home

It has been a decade since Lori Crandall has left the United States for the island country of New Zealand. Ten years away from her home land where a new culture with a different past would be an influence on her as an artist and a person. Deep green lands and stunning coasts have been part of this culture that has helped make New Zealand one of the most admired countries in the world. It was no big surprise to many that Peter Jackson chose it as the foundation for the setting in Lord Of The Rings.

Lori Crandall isn't a hobbit, but she shares a passion for music that could rival the passion that Jackson had for the epic Tolkien trilogy. This passion has led her in the travels she has had and in the development of her style in country music. Now with a decade in the Oceanic region "Down Under"  she has decided to come home.

Many of Lori's fans in the United States anticipate her eventual return as there will be opportunities for her to do live performances for those that love her music. She hasn't publicly declared where exactly she will settling in the 50 states, but has hinted that it will be in the Northwestern portion of the continental United States.

Welcome home Lori and we hope that you have another positive and enriching experience as you had in New Zealand.


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