21st Annual Wave-Gotit-Treffen

It is getting close to that time when the mother of all festivals will be taking place in Leipzig, Germany. Wave-Gotit-Treffen (WGT) is one of the oldest and biggest events in the world. Since the first one, in 1987, WGT has continued to grow and become a city event that all of the music world embraces.

This year, Wave-Gotit-Treffen is extra special. With over 200 bands contractually committed, we are proud to announce that one of our members will also be there. Claus Larsen has arranged to have his band Klutae there this year as one of the powerhouses that will be performing at the 21st annual WGT. We are very happy for Klutae and hope this is an incredible experience for them. 

Keep an eye in the EDN section as we will have much more additional information regarding the WGT this year. Including all the bands and venues that are participating in this massive festival. There is a reason why Wave-Gotit-Treffen has been the standard for all festivals and we will show some of the reasons why.

Psycho Love by Klutæ

Countstrike by Klutæ

Bones In The Furnace by Klutæ