Deied's Latest New Album: Tales Of Sodenliah

Tales Of Sodenliah

Tales of Sodenliah will be the latest album by the band Deied. With a release date of September 23, 2011, it will be taking the German two man band in a new direction.

To those that know of Deied, an album of exploration is nothing new. The latest album is unique in that its distinct style is both fluid in melody and purpose. It offers the special mood that Deied is symbolic for, but with elements that perfectly fit in a club setting or radio format.

Unlike past Deied albums, Tales of Sodenliah isn’t just an artistic expression of N1n0’s and Din-tah Aeon’s raw talents. This album is also a direct representation of what the fusion of Gothic Rock and EBM music can sound like. From the haunting vocals of N1n0 to the powerful rhythm of the melody, this is an album that shatters the boundaries of what genres are.

If you want to get a dose of the music from Tales of Sodenliah, they can now be heard on the shows hosted by Draven.

This album can be pre-ordered from the band's site ( There will also be 50 copies of a special limited edition version of Tales of Sodenliah for purchase.

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