Apart by Mira

“words just don’t capture the raw emotional power of the album to suck you in and spit you out, staggering in wonder.” – ink19

mira's 2nd album, from 2001. apart tears at the edges, pulling mira’s sound apart to recompose it into something new, delicate, touching, aggressive and surprisingly accessible. apart combines dreamy shoegazer pop with edgier angular guitars and rhythms; all in support of regina sosinski’s ethereal soprano, which speaks with a yearning and intimacy so beautiful, it is subtly unnerving. drifting from the slightest whisper to an aching scream, her voice is nothing less than captivating.

- Sam Rosenthal ( Projekt Records)

The image above is the Official Bandcamp player for this release. You can get the digital copy for free, but please purchase the physical copy to show your support for Projekt Records and the artists that call it home.

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Apart by Mira

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