Pretty In Kink T-Shirt

Lords Of Acid has been hitting North America with the Pretty In Kink Tour. They making countless stops presenting the remarkable music found on their latest album.

For those that want to keep the spirit of the album and tour alive, Lords Of Acid have something special just for you. This is in their Pretty In Kink t-shirt. As you can see in the image above it shows the album cover on the front and "It's all pink on the inside" on the back. The t-shirt perfectly shows the spirit of the band.

The Pretty In Kink t-shirt comes in sizes from small to extra large and can be yours for only €29.00 (roughly $33.00 USD). If you would like to have something tied to their amazing new album and their Pretty In Kink Tour in this t-shirt, please click here. The link will take yo uto the Official Lords Of Acid store page where you can get this t-shirt.

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