Stoneman Nominations At Innocent Award 2016

Stoneman has been nominated for two awards in the Cuteanddangerous Innocent Award 2016! They have been nominated for the Best Breakthrough Artist and the Best Live Act. This is a huge honor for the band and something they deserve to win.

Show your support of Stoneman by voting for them for both awards. You can do this by either contacting the Innocent Award through their Facebook page (by clicking here) or by emailing the Innocent Award 2016 directly ( and letting them know that you are voting for Stoneman.

Many bands strive to make the best music and to have the best presentation of their music. These are two areas that Stoneman has proven that they are among the best in and these nominations reflect the hard work they have devoted in making the best experience for their listeners. Show your support by voting for them.

Eiskalt by Stoneman

Geil Und Elektrisch by Stoneman

Stoneman @ 7er-Club