Alone Video (Featuring Insight) by Alexis Voice

Alexis Voice brought in the talents of Insight in making this impressive remake of the Depeche Mode classic, Alone. To give the song the proper respect that it deserves, the bands developed the video above. The video presents the song in a visual design that shows the impressive style of both bands and the quality of the video shows their level of excellence in paying tribute to a band that they both adore.

Depeche Mode has influenced countless artists with their distinct direction in music and how they forged many directions in music. It was this creativity that sparked the ideas in other artists and drove them into areas of music that continued the direction that Depeche Mode influenced. It is this aspect where this remake of Alone shows the direction that both Alexis Voice and Insight have taken in music. Their remake is masterfully made as a fitting tribute to one of the greats in Electronic music.

Both bands and Music Eternal hope that you enjoy this video inspired to give the proper representation of Alone and what it means to these gifted musicians that took the time to pay homage to a band that inspired them in music.

Space Station by Alexis Voice

March 2020: ALexis Voice

Alexis Voice