Silent Tears by The Nature Of Time

The Nature Of Time recently presented their older song, Silent Tears. It presents many of the elements that have made this band one of the hidden gems in the music scene.

Many have compared the overall style of The Nature Of Time to that of The Mission and some of the older music by Sisters Of Mercy. Silent Tears reflects this, but with some differences. The song may be mellow in contrast to much of the Gothic music out in the world, but the hard guitar chords combined with the electronic sampling give a distinct difference in this song when compared to others. The feel of it is more kin to a fusion of Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock, and EBM to those that take the time to hear the melody.

Silent Tears is a good song for those that want something different from the norm and is enjoyable to listen to. You can hear it first hand in the video above. The Nature Of Time began as a hobby for the band, and it is a hobby that many of their fans are grateful they started. Hoprefully, this is something they will not end as they give something special in their perception in what good music is.

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