Rat Painting Video by Clint Carney

Clint Carney of Systm Syn combines two of his passions into one unique format. A special time lapse video of his Rat painting combined with his music from System Syn to show first hand one of his passion complimented with the other.

Many musicians will delve into more than one area of expression. For Clint, all his expressionism covers multiple areas of artistic creativity. In this video he shows one of his unique paintings where you can see it take shape from the beginning to the end. The music sets the tone of the project for the video and gives a bit of depth to this time lapse video.

Clint Carney has had galleries of his paintings and does custom projects for those that are wanting is distinct approach on a visual medium. He is very professional in his work and very fair on the pricing. The video provides the links to his paintings and to System Syn's official site.

Once Upon A Second Act by System Syn

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Once Upon A Second Act by System Syn