Insight & Henrik Iversen On Skyqode's Compilation

Neonautics Volume 02 will be available to the public, on January 29th, 2016, through Skyqode’s Bandcamp profile. This will be released both in digital and physical formats. The shipping of the physical release will be sent out, on February 19th, 2016.

Skyqode has been releasing compilations to give people a chance to discover some of the new artists in the Electronic genres. Many of the bands center on Synthpop, Industrial, and Dance styles of music. These genres have given a number of bands the visibility and the opportunity to work with other artists that they may normally never of had a chance to.

This release, Neonautics Volume 02, has two members of Music Eternal in its lineup. Insight starts the compilation with their song, A Long Time. One of the great Synthpop songs that reflects aspects of what has made Synthpop one of the enduring genres that has thrived as the years have passed. It is the perfect fit the initial track that sets off a solid line up of superb music.

Another member of the Music Eternal family is Henrik Iversen of NamNamBulu. He works with Nórdika in their song, Fly. This impressive song is on track 15 and Henrik is the perfect addition to this song to show what how their melody works with one of the great vocals in Synthpop.

As a whole, Neonautics Volume 02 is a great compilation of Synthpop driven songs that any one that loves Synthpop or New Wave needs to have in their collection. If you miss out on this album, it will be something that you will regret. It is clustered with many impressive gems in the unknown parts of the Electronic music world that are all put together for any true lover of this style of music.

The album can be pre-ordered via Skyqode’s Bandcamp profile which you can get to by clicking here. They have the price as a pay as you like with a minimum price of €7,00 (roughly $7.57 USD).

The tracks to this compilation are:
1) Insight - A Long Time
2) Glass Apple Bonzai - With The Mind Of A Liar (Extended)
3) Electro Spectre - River (Radio Version)
4) Sad January - Your Design
5) Analog - Melodies From Memory
6) Pasadena Night - Beauty Of Night
7) Mechanical Apfelsine - I Remember
8) Bradley - Tonight
9) Dreamfix - Deliver Me
10) Etage Neun - Cry Out In The Rain
11) Dani'el - To Dare (People Theatre's Audace Remix)
12) Pegasus Asteroid - Genies
13) Lost Controllers - Your World
14) Sound Agency - One Life (Radio Version)
15) Nórdika - Fly (Feat. Henrik Iversen of NamNamBulu) (Purple Fog Side's Neonautics Remix)
16) Vaylon - Empty Streets (Personal Space Remix)

Take My Hand by Insight

A New Day by Insight

Last Goodbye (Nordika Remix) by Insight