A Light In The Darkness by Insight

ScentAir Records has officially announced the release of, A Light In The Darkness, by Insight. This latest Synthpop release shows the talents of Raul Munoz-Torrero and what makes this genre such a great Electronic family of music.

Insight has always presented music that reflects on many of the aspects of Synthpop that has made it a thriving slice of the music world that shows no sign of fading into the history books. It is their devotion to music that shines in their music and makes each of their releases a gem that should be cherished and embraced for the love and effort that when into their creations. A Light In the Darkness presents all the best aspects of Insight for those that love Synthpop or love good Electronic music. The light feel of the music is uplifting in the tone and will make any lover of good music want to dance to the appealing beats of each song in this latest release by Insight.

Influenced by Depeche Mode, IAMX, De/vision, and Mesh, Insight takes the direction these greats laid and forges into similar aspects of their respective music. The music by Insight is original in its composition, but you can tell that these gifted artists were the muses for the music that Raul has created in A Light In The Darkness. Simply put, if you love these bands that helped define Synthpop as a genre, then you will truly love this album as an additional chapter to this style of music that so many love.

A Light In The Darkness can be yours through Popnaut for only 11,95 € (roughly $13.53 USD) by clicking here. A small price to have this 16 track release of superb music by one of the true visionaries in the Synthpop family. This is one album that any fan of good Electronic music will not want to let slip past.

The 16 tracks on A Light In The Darkness are:
2.A Long Time
5.The Same Mistake
7.My Window
10.Woman In Black
11.Damage (In Good Faith Remix)
12.Alive (Techni-ka Remix)
13.My Window (Cyborgdrive Remix)
14.Fame (Neosynth Remix)
15.Alone (Alexis Voice Remix)
16.Damage (Technique Remix)

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