Cyberage Radio, A Reason To Stay Up Late

Tommy T Rapisardi is one part DJ, one part musician, one part label owner, and all music lover. His FM and Internet radio show Cyberage Radio has been a late Saturday centerpiece to KUNM 89.9FM for over a decade. It is this radio show that has been one of the resources that Tommy has used to show the world what EBM, Electro-Industrial, Industrial Rock, Indsutrial Metal, IDM, and many other genres have to offer.

Unlike other radio shows, Cyberage Radio has a more intimate level of connection to the listeners. This is largely due to the level of experience, understanding, and love that Tommy has for the music. It is this comprehension, enlightenment, and dedication that he has had that has made Cyberage Radio one of the most enduring radio shows that New Mexico has to offer the world. Among the masses of radio shows that the Land Of Enchantment has to offer, there are few that can rival or compare to the loyalty and appreciation that the fan base has for the long 5 hours Tommy puts in each weekend.

Many Internet radio stations try to survive in the turbulent currents of the cyber world, few could fathom to match the time that Tommy has devoted to his fans. It is his undying commitment in sharing the music on his radio shows that has gained him a great level of respect in the music world. It is this respect and the love of his fans that has made Cyberage Radio one of the iconic standards in the music world for DJs and radio stations alike.

Be sure to tune into to his show each Saturday night for an experience that words will never express.  Click here to go to the FM station's online site: KUNM 89.9FM

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