Welcome Alio Die To Music Eternal

Many people aspire to an artist of some sort, it is rare to find one that has mastered two forms of expressing themselves in art. Stefano Musso is an Italian artist that has shown that he is just as skilled in composing and performing music as he is in the visual arts. It is this unique form of harmony that can be found in his musical outlet, Alio Die.

The myriad of sounds that flow in an ambient fashion are soothing to the soul to all that hear the masterful sounds that Alio Die has in the songs. Stefano has shown that since 1989 that he is a chasm of sounds that echo out into the songs in a beautiful fashion. It is his passion in all art that is inspiring and we are humbled to have his musical creation in the Music Eternal family.

Cirrus by Alio Die

Deconsecrated And Pure by Alio Die

Honey Mushroom (Part II) by Alio Die