Experienced Canadian artist and designer Renee Cooper-Komor is the voice, body and spirit behind the ZOMBIE GIRL concept. Her mystical magnetism quickly attracted Sebastian R. Komor away from his natal Norway into her graveyard and took her no time at all to mutate him into the “zombie-fied” male behind the music and most of the lyrics of the project. Owner of the Xenomorph Productions Studio, Sebastian R. Komor has built quite an impressive reputation as a sound designer and songwriter of acts such as ICON OF COIL, BRUDERSCHAFT, MOONITOR, MONOFADER and MUSCLE AND HATE. He has also been involved in productions for APOPTYGMA BERZERK, XP8, SPEKTRALIZED, DREAMER PROJECT, among others and has remixed bands like NINE INCH NAILS, JUNO REACTOR, ALPHAVILLE, VNV NATION, DE/VISION, MESH and many more.

With their two solid compilation appearances reaching astronomical dance club-mega-hit heights, "We Are The Ones" on Advanced Electronics vol. 4 (SPV), and " I Want It" on Cyberl@b 5 (Alfa Matrix), the duo instantly became one of the most “in demand” unsigned acts amongst the DJ community across the globe.

Musically, ZOMBIE GIRL can be described as over the top pumping and grooving electronic dancefloor music led by tremendously sexy and captivating female vocals of Renee Cooper-Komor. With a touch of humour, ripping old horror movie themes and elements of rock'n'roll attitude, ZOMBIE GIRL is the ultimate sonic experience from the underworld. And on stage, as they proved it on their Halloween debut show, ZOMBIE GIRL releases enough power and bloodfest gore to stick to the brains for years to come. Let ZOMBIE GIRL take a bite out of you and join the Zombie Nation now before the release of their debut EP “Back From The Dead” on Alfa Matrix.

As of November 2009, Renee Cooper is the sole member of Zombie Girl.