Some fine ideas wanted to be materialized so it took a little time to find each other and have several songs recorded. Influenced by industrial, synth music at the beginning then we let dancy rhythms be more noticed. There are three of us and every one has own tastes and views about what correct music should look like, and that's the point. Every step of making has all of us involved. Writing lyrics, finding sticky melodies, arranging and then bringing it all together.. every one can offer something new and that is how it works.

What about the title these letters play double role in this case. Wish is a root of everything happens, so to want is a main duty of any human. It is a global word, very powerful and gathering just as we want. On the other hand adding /ed we have "wanted" which means: hey guys, every person wishes something and we do the same, but also we are what you may want! There is humour in it.