In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then he created light, darkness, day, night and so on. What he didn’t think of when creating and separating things was that there would be powers that reunite those worthless parts. Forces that generate the yet forgotten state which had been there since long before someone got it all wrong. Now those powers rise again: they synthesize. It’s the beginning of a marvelous era that will last forever. VOLT AGE is the sound of birth, the light of night and the feeling of, well, the 80s. Now, you should see that there is more than the things you can experience by yourself: the music that makes another. Stop believing. Start dancing. Find your joy in this mortal world. They say if you die you see a glorious, shiny light. One should say that if you live you hear VOLT AGE. Get ready for the future of origin.


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