At first it wasn't meant to be a real band. In 2008, Nikk (SPCMN7 - guitar) and Elen (AxidZenn - dj) teamed up together to perform a 30-min live set consisting of various tracks, including some tracks of their own at a Halloween party. Nikk played live guitar, so it wasn't a pure DJ-performance. The live set turned out be quite a success, with the audience asking for more. Later, the organizer of the party invited them to perform again at another party, so Elen and Nikk "had to" write several tracks for it. It was then, that they decided to go under the name of "systemshock". Since that time, the band kept on steadily growing their fanbase. After some live clips from one of their shows were posted online, Systemshock started getting invitations to play in other cities.

In summer 2009, after seeing the band's performance, Alex Rockit joined the band as a drummer. The band's first EP "LIQUID CRYSTAL" was released later that summer. In autumn that year, a team of dancers consisting of Tina Ru, Atrox and Vir-X Gore joined the band to support concerts with a PJ show. At the same time, the band started recording their debut album "Virus-Electro" which was released a year later, in the late August 2010, on the label SYNTHEMATIK. The album received lots of positive reviews both from fans and musical critics. Shortly after the album, the band presented their first music video "Fixed". The video was taken into rotation by Russia's biggest alternative TV channel A-ONE.

Now SYSTEMSHOCK is busy with performing gigs in support of the debut album. As soon as the concert season is over, they are going to start working on their second music video.