2011 - PFS is #1 Russian Dark Scene Band of 2010 according to gothic.ru annual monitoring. Also we hit tops #6 at Best Dark Scene Band, along with De/Vision, Iris, Hocico, etc.

2010 - Re-mixed and mastered "Project:Rentgen" released as a free download in Synthematik netlabel. Also made the second music video, "Crystal Castle".

2009's "Music For Indigo Kids" (Shadowplay) is the most prominent album of PFS.

2009 - Started a musical 20 day marathon with codename "Project:Rentgen". Every new song composed, recorded, mixed and released to blog on 2 day basis without any breaks.

2009 - Made a first video on "Illusions", inspired by work of Dario Argento and Vladimir Epifancev.

2007 - "Could It Ever Be Expressed?", released by Shadowplay, was a triumphal comeback to scene.

2005 - After crisis, band decides to continue work in a simpler style, they get rid of industrial/atmospheric stuff and incorporate minimalism and pop song structures. It was comeback to roots of electro, and comeback to gigs.

2002 - "Krasota. Zdorovie. Schastie" (Beauty. Health. Happiness) is an unfinished album that continues "Neo". Master tapes and sources were intentionally deleted because of musician's depression and strong impact from the music. Later unmixed MP3s were released via Goths.ru

2000 - "Neototemism" came out. It's a large-form conceptual postmodern album. This album is rated among the very best. PFS decided not to sign up for any label and made a self-release of 200 copies. It's a very rare album, one of the darkest and most desperate creations of PFS.

1999 - Band's first gig on second ever Goth Party in Russia.

1998 - Our first album "Roon" came out on Area51. It was on 90% instrumental fusion of IDM, Electro-industrial, Darkwave and Dark Ambient

1997 - PFS were signed to Area51 and KFMF (US)

1996 – We started as one man studio band with session musicians