1996: Day of reckoning: Jared Scott gives birth to fury by the name of :[particle_son]: in the arid depths of California. Corruption, Greed, and Tyranny saw the album names as 'The Great Pushover' (1997), 'Unfiltered' (1997), and “It's No Use” (1998) until fallen souls by names of Dave Lash, Joe Williamson(1997-99) were nevermore, the charred remains leaving only Vex March, Jared Scott and Nathan Malin to soldier on with the virgin sacrifice released in full “Re:Version” (2004).

2008-2011: Death and Rebirth: with the departure of both Nathan Malin and his replacement Gl1tch 106, :[particle_son]: rose from the ashes, bent on destruction with breath of hell fire, Jared and Vex stuck the anvil hot forging a new legacy of pain and aural annihilation, with the fresh blood of Sandi Leeper(2012) abusing the keys, the creative blood flowed forth and work on “American Genocide” continued. Contact within for CD's, Stickers, and other such temptations.

Shared the darkness with such acts as Prong, Psyclon 9, Dawn of Ashes, God Module, SMP, Consectum, Nocturn, Collide, Written in Ashes, Tragic Evolution, Twenty Shades of Red...and many others

preying upon the hearts of the wicked with evil through music bred, corrupting the mind to unleash the beast within. fed by a savage nature to slay the our inner demons, lest we perish in the rapture of their disease...:[rise]: :[resist]: :[refuse]:

:[particle_son]: is currently hammering away on their sophomore album "Amerikan Genocide" with the first single in over 6+ years with the new track "Dead to Rights" being available right now! Single is $5 and comes with a limited edition sticker never to be printed again!! please note that single does not contain the album artwork but CD top does contain art!


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