Arising from the embers of the once prominent and now resurging Chicago Electro/EBM scene come the youthful duo known as PTI. Consisting of Eric Dusik and Phil Fox, the duo has been refining their sound and redefining a style of Electro/EBM dance music that has dominated the scene since late 90s. PTI's dual vision melds flawlessly to create a sound that walks a fine line between beauty and something a whole lot harder.

Shared vocal responsibilities complement PTI's diverse sonic palette, the two distinct sounds coming together in a fit of energy reminiscent of such acts as NCC or Front 242. PTI's debut EP, SOS, provides the listener with only a glimpse of what this band has to offer. Hard hitting tracks like "Icons" and "*.Core" are guaranteed to get your energy flowing and pack dance floors across the globe while tracks like "Under the Radar" and "To the Sky" show a more melodic diversity. To round off this stellar debut, PTI has enlisted the help of Assemblage23, and Dubok to create their own interpretations and manipulations of "T.unnel V.ision," "Alysium" and "Smoke." Overall this is a must have for all fans of Electro/EBM and a sign of great things to come.


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