Nórdika is Héctor A. Marin as producer, vocalist, lyricist and programmer.

Nórdika is a synthpop, futurepop band, born in 2008, with 4 Album's and 18 Ep / Singles until today. Nórdika already shared the stage with internationally renowned bands like Solitary Experiments, Covenant, Fadehead among others. Nórdika has collaborated in several official releases among which big bands of the genre, such as: Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma / Diorama), Alex Braun (!Distain) Spektralized, Les Anges the Nuit, Vanguard, Ruined Conflict, Want / ED, ien Oblique, Syrian, Carved Souls, Vanguard, Moenia, Synthetixxx, Star Crussaders, Pegasus Asteroid, Distorted World, Twisted Destiny, Mondtraume, etc.

The first Ep (Veneno Preview - 2008) was mixed by Tom Shear (Assemblage 23), of which the most famous track from the band “Tus Labios" and the more recent album (Neurotransmisor) was mastered in Russia by Alex Rush, in collaboration with Section 44 in USA, Synthematik in Russia and Aquo Rec Records in Mexico, with a great international acceptance, with several favorable reviews in several European regions specialized media.

In 2014 Nórdika launches single "Illumination" stellar collaboration with Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma/Diorama) receiving excellent support and dissemination through all digital media stores and digital media.

In 2014 Nórdika release EP "Illumination Remixed" with the collaboration of ien Oblique, Twisted Destiny, Spektralized, Want/ED,this help to Nórdika first appears in the prestigious German GEWC chart for four consecutive weeks, reaching number instead 8 with the track illumination feat. Felix Marc (ien Oblique Remix)

In February 2015 Nórdika launches "Delirious Passion (Satisfy Me) feat. Alex Braun" second single from the album 2015 Nórdika "Blaues Blut" including important collaborations Ruined Conflict, Vanguard, Oren Amram, Benjamin'sPlague.

Nórdika has released in 2016 two albums: “Blaues Blut” and “Blut” with the Russian label Scent Air Records.