An opposed and contrasting project at the same time. Unplugged, smooth and elctronic chillout born from Anuar Arebi, Davice Ricci e Luca Foschieri idea.

Mood trio propose a soft and relaxed sound. Tradition and modernity that are mixed in a suggestive and exciting chemistry which finds its expression in acoustic, smooth jazz and chillout tunes. MooD trio have created a SongBook made of original tunes full of hot atmospheres, swing rhythms and catchy downtempo. Acoustic and electronic cross each other to create a musical synergy to please ears and hearts. Great emotional energy and refined sound, these are the ingredients of this project.

The idea was born a few years ago from the ashes of a quartet that has dominated the entertainment scene based on covers and tributes; after plenty of music unique and full of energy, Davide and Anuar, respectively 4Fun’s voice and guitar, decide to take a parallel way that will be a revelation (and revolution). Thus in 2009 began the first "acoustic evenings" more relaxed and soft. At this point the project has been enriched and can find a distinct and recognizable way, so, with some new tunes and some arrangements of jazz and swing standards and pop songs of the American tradition live adventure begins challenging and satisfying.

MooD trio made an artistic reality of poetry, music and sound design. Tradition and modernity that are mixed in a suggestive and exciting chemistry. Mood propose a sound soft and refined, that between acoustic jazz and modern sounds blends the contemporary with this. In this way, the band features a small excerpt taken from their personal own Song Book made ​​of warm atmospheres. A brave decision to take a path not so much “beaten” in Italy, especially in this item of entertainment typically dominated by other types of sounds.