"...their music has got the energy and the soul to it and they combine the two in a style which could be described as "American". TOOL, MASHINE HEAD, GODSMACK and PERFECT CIRCLE are the names which come to a listener’s mind..." - Monthly magazine Top Guitar.

Mindfield was formed at the beginning of 2008 when “Panku” phoned “Bobul” and introduced him to his vision of taking over the world of heavy metal music. “Bobul”, without any hesitation, accepted that vision. Instantly, they joined forces with Paweł who had previously shared the stage with “Panku” in the band called Trigger. “Półton”, who was a bass player, would join them soon after and the four began the first rehearsals. All that time, one of the things that remain unknown was the band’s name. The decided to name it Minerva but it turned out that such a band already exists in our country. The first ever gig took place on the 4th of April 2008, under the name Mindfield, which remains the same ever since. During that gig another band Krusher, Mindfield’s good friends, was celebrating the 5-year of band's existence. After just two concerts “Półton” was replaced by Maciej Mańka. The boys began working on their debut EP. Just before the recording sessions Adam Kostrząb took the bassist duties over.

The debut EP entitled "Snap of Fingers" was released at the beginning of 2009. The record was well received by the local public and sent around Poland. Thanks to the release of "Snap of Fingers” the band managed to get airtime on the radio (e.g. so called "Trójka" - Polish Radio Three) , moreover, many music magazines wrote articles about the band. Soon after that, Mindfield, was given the opportunity to play together with Acid Drinkers and Coma. After the release of the EP, Marek Mróz became a new member of the band, enriching the band's sound with samples and electronics. In 2010 Mindfield won the first place at Cieszanów Rock Festival.

The year 2012 marked the release of their first LP entitled "Teeth Marks" which included eight tracks. In that same year Mindfield won at festival ”Rokowa Noc” which was held in Rzeszów. From the beginning of 2013 “Panku” and “Bobul” have been writing material for a new album. In the mid of 2013 Marek and Paweł left the band - the latter was replaced by Tomasz Świerad. With the lineup consisting of “Panku”, “Bobul”, Adam and Tomasz the band decided to enter the studio to record a new album. The recording sessions started on 21st of October 2013 and included several guest appearances by members of bands such as Acid Drinkers (Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki) and Decapitated (Rafał "Rasta" Piórkowski).


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