After Mark left his academic work behind he increasingly focussed on his longtime passion of being a musician. He has been studying the North Indian Bamboo Flute 'Bansuri' with the Indian Bansuri Maestro R.K. Bikramjit Singh for several years and is now pursuing devotional meditative music based on Indian classical Ragas, as well as ambient shamanic styles in his collaborations with Arizona based Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf.

Mark has collaborated on a number of CD projects:

  • "Disciple", a solo project by Mark, supported by Steve Roach's soundworlds and Byron Metcalf's percussion, fully moving into the devotional and spiritual-meditative energy of Indian classical Ragas and chanting.

  • A meditative album called "Waves of Silence" with Andres Condon, weaving together the sounds of guitar and Bansuri.

  • "Dharma Moments", the second collaboration with Andres Condon, featuring a surprising mix of guitar, Bansuri, chants, percussion etc.

  • "Parimal in Silence", a live recording of meditative music during an evening celebration at Parimal Meditation Center, Germany.

  • "Wachuma's Wave", a shamanically oriented project with percussion, flute and overtone vocals together with Byron Metcalf and Steve Roach as guest artist.

  • "Mantram", a shamanically oriented full collaboration between Steve, Byron, and Mark, moving deeper into the shamanic journey space.

  • "Nada Terma", the third collaboration between Mark, Byron, and Steve, expanding into the deep inner zones of shamanic dimensions, adding a haunting feature of the Asian-Indian string instrument 'Dilruba'.

    Check this page from time to time to learn more about these and other upcoming CDs.

    Additional information about the CDs and Mark's style:

    Mark's style of flute playing and vocals is mainly influenced by North Indian Classical music, by the Tuvinian throat singing traditions of Mongolia, and by various modern ambient artists. In his work with several musicians Mark is pursuing three different genres of music:


  • Devotional-Sacred, created by mantra chants and traditional Indian Ragas played on the Bansuri, such as on the album 'Disciple' or as in 'Parimal in Silence'. These CDs lend themselves well for all types of deep meditation, Yoga practice, spiritual/devotional and heartcentered disciplines etc.

  • Meditative-Relaxing, created by weaving guitar, Bansuri and soft percussion into a tapestry of sound that is very appealing to ear and spirit, supporting any relaxing or meditative mood. This genre appears on 'Waves of Silence', and on 'Dharma Moments'.

  • Shamanic-Ambient, created by soundworlds, overtone chants, powerful percussion from frame drums, claypots etc., and Bansuri flutes. This genre reflects the profound ecstasies and the challenging depths of shamanic journeys. It can be heard on 'Wachuma's Wave', on 'Mantram', and on 'Nada Terma'.


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