Epic and electronic Hybrid Orchestral surrealism and philosophy. Mysterious Gothic and Operatic pop. Creating the one-of-kind style is my important goal all the time. I'm an energetic musician and full of passion through my career. Wish I can bring you the brand new feelings and the unique ideas from my mind. If you're also creative or have an ambition to shock the world, I'll be glad to see you!

M.O.D. (Mental Obsessive Disorder) are an Italian duo (Maryhell & Vhelena) that proposes electro music since 2009. Their music is influenced by the most acid, danceable and modern EBM, by Aggrotech (Aggressive Techno) and by the sharpest dark-Electro. The trademark of the duo is their trance and industrial sound, techno rhythmical parts, and sick and persuasive (strictly filtered) vocals. They continue to obtain positive reviews from specialized webzines and their songs are broadcasted in Italian and foreign radios. M.O.D. promote their music through radio interviews, fanzines and live shows all around Italy. Most of their songs have been inserted in several Italian and foreign online compilations.