La Calle Morgue is a band of Post-Punk Pessimistic. Born at the end of 2006 in Quito (Sunken City). In the beginning, John and James came together to create music, influenced by Punk stream the late 70's and the aesthetic and lyrical essence of the post-punk movement of the early 80's in Europe and the US, where they took the elements more dark of proposals for inspiration and vomiting noise.

Along the way several street performers joined playing in the band, including "El Parce" as the first drummer and bassist NikHorror. After several concerts, recordings and lost nights of destruction, members were coming and going, until they reach their current lineup.

His first job is a demo of 7 songs released in 2008, called "La Ciudad Hundida" a work whose conceptual base is the occult and existentialism.

In 2011 they released their EP which is called "La Calle Morgue," a work of 4 tracks loaded with dangerous evocations philosophy and true freedom.

La Calle Morgue is inspired mainly by damn, symbolist poetry and art loaded with real elements, desconfiguradores, noisy, Mortuary, dangerous and above all beautiful.

In 2012 they gave a memorable concert in the city of Lima in Peru, in a festival called "Cadáver Fest" where they shared the stage with Latin American bands of Mexico, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

In 2013 they released a single and video of the song "Frecuencia de las Aves", recorded, mixed and mastered in studies of The Incredible Society.

They are currently preparing new material, with which the danger of thought will be prosecuted.