In 1993, Kim Cascone, owner and founder of Silent Records, San Francisco, CA, wanted to expand his already legendary label and create an industrial imprint. Furnace Records was born. All of the Silent Records imprints were based on alchemy; Furnace, Flask, and Sulfur.

Soon after Furnace would sign their first band...that band was Abstinence from Belmar, New Jersey, then based in Long Branch, NJ. The band was headed by Darryl Hell, long-time musician who was in the hardcore punk band, Public Disturbance 1981-1984 [the original one--since there were two bands with that name since.]

Darryl Hell also had his industrial music night/artist network Sector 6, with his partners David Grau, Rob Psychotrope [aka Robbie J. Rapatski], which led Kim to offer the A&R director position to Hell to build out the label in 1994. Both Grau and Psychotrope were early Internet pioneers, which gave a huge edge for the label. In addition, Kim was a tech innovator and had plans to be the first label to release a completely digital catalog in 1995!

Furnace Records would be an innovative label that would have a series of firsts to its acclaim; It was the first label to gather an international roster via the Internet, the first to produce "digital DJ" events where dj's made specific mixes to be broadcast in clubs via video, and was the first to produce an Online record release party in 1995.

In 1996, Silent Records would be sold, which was the end of Furnace and all the bands would move on.

In 2011, Hell had the idea to relaunch Furnace Records in a different configuration, but with the same focus of releasing and producing eclectic music and culture from an expansive mindset. Then in 2013, Hell made a deal with Christian Death to do a dvd/cd release and a music video. This was the perfect project to relaunch Furnace. There was only one thing...what would Kim say? The answer: "of course! please do resurrect Furnace." Both he and his partner/wife/graphic designer/media expert Kat Cascone gave it their blessings...and that brought to life the FURNACE RECORDS you see today.