The first new release of 2006 is from Cleveland, Ohio's ENCODER! This fab duo consists of DJ Cable and Bruno(formerly of UV) and they create a very intriguing and potent mix of Dance floor EBM,industrial, and rhythmic noise influences as well. The tracks are all geared towards the dance floor with memorable lyrics/vocals that vary as well in style. The purpose of this ENCODER assault is to ignite the clubs and all muthafuckers will be dancing to the beats! RAZED IN BLACK guests on the album for lead vocals on the future hit "November"(2 mixes), there are 8 titles on this CD and Remixes supplied by INTERFACE, DECODED FEEDBACK, TERRORFAKT, BRAINCLAW, FLESH FIELD, SCHATTENSCHLAG, BRUNO, and DJ CABLE! A full on assault of 75 + minutes with lots more to come from these boys!