Eisuke Oooka was born in 1969, in Mie, Japan. He currently works as a sound artist, videographer and photographer.

Participated in foreign ambient lavel,introduced by German experimental radio"Letob Audio Cast" .Released 1st Album"Noah`s Ark" with the conception of primitive religion and historic vestige n 2008.in 2012 2nd CD"Underground storage gallery" was on the top 2 albums of Tower Records Jazz (New Age/Healing).This album is also used for the visual exhibition "Dai-Izumo-Exhibition"Kyoto National Museum.Create ambient sound which reminds traces of a memory of each of us.

After 3 years silence since the 2nd album"Underground storage gallery"which is used for the Special Exhibition of Dai-Senguu (the ceremony of reconstruction of the shrine),Eisuke Oooka,who gives the performance of visual arts and improvisation guitar sound,will release his 3rd album"Road Of The Sun" in October 29, 2014.
The theme of this album is the"Layline"(Median tectonic line )the route of ancient Japanese sacred places and "journey""drive" he express Japanese landscape which changes the color by seasons with his unforgettable sound.Chaotic over dubbing sounds and reverses created by experimental acoustic instruments and voice,loops of sound materials recorded in the studio,edited down tempo with his sentiental long tone guitar produce purified ambient sound piece.