Welcome to the World Of Demon Boy! The Fastest rising Horror Rock Star in his Genre'. Following in the Likes of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie comes a performer to help break the mold of mediocrity in a world that shoves pre-fabricated music down our throats.

Demon Boy has successfully gained a strong foothold in the pop subculture of music as well as crossing over into many genre's of music to prove as an all around marketable act he is one to be taken seriously as a Horror Rock Icon in the New Generation of theatrical performers.

Demon Boy's ever growing legions of fans around the world have supported and propelled him to be recognized as one of the leading artist in his field.Live shows are the driving force of this band, with a high energy stage show and one of the most charismatic frontmen you will ever witness..Demon Boy has been winning over audiences since their start in 2009. Seasoned musicians,professionalism and one of kind songs that grab your attention from first listen round out this band and make Demon Boy a stand alone act in today's music Industry. Just come to one Demon Boy show and you'll be hooked!

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