Cronos Titan was created in 1995 by Per Aksel Lundgreen (from Apoptygma Berzerk, Chinese Detectives and Angst Pop) and Preben Bjønnes (from Defcon 4, Chinese Detectives and Posh) following Per Aksel’s decision to leave Apoptygma Berzerk in December 1994.

Dark electronics and industrial sounds, mixed with samples and a harsh religious overtone gave Cronos Titan a cult following in the scene in Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Several live shows where performed, the most successful ones supporting Die Krupps at Rockefeller Music Hall, Frontline Assembly at Sentrum Scene, and as one of the Saturday night special acts on Whalestock.

Cronos Titan also performed five songs live on TVN on the show Bootleg. A video was made for the song "The Creator" from the debut album, "Brides Of Christ," from the eponymous TV show. The tracks "Baby In Religious Trance" and "I'm A Man Of God” received a lot of play at clubs on alternative radio shows. You can check out the video for "The Creator" here:

The debut album was followed by the highly successful release of "The Gregoraveian EP," a four-track CD-EP with rave/industrial tracks that soon found their ways to the clubs and dance floors across Europe. The track "Razorbath" especially got a lot of club play.

A third release, entitled "The Ten Commandments," was planned – a two CD release with one song for each of the commandments – but the project was ditched before it was even started. No songs where ever recorded for this project; another side project "Valium," was recorded in its place, but never released.

Cronos Titan made a notable appearance on the compilation CD "Taste This Vol. 6" on high profile industrial label Dischordia from Germany.

Nothing has been recorded or released since 1996, but the band never disbanded. Maybe something will be done in the future. Both band members talk on a regular basis, and talks about going into the studio again have been frequent.

German label Black Rain will release a compilation of all previously released material by Cronos Titan early 2012, and the double-cd entitled "Total Titan!" will also include 7 unreleased songs, previously unheard by the public. All these songs were recorded in 1996 by Preben Bjønnes and Per Aksel Lundgreen in Sheffield Studios, just like the "Brides Of Christ" album and "The Gregoraveian EP". Both the album and the EP will be remastered for this release too.

Here are the new unreleased tracks that will appear on the "Total Titan!" CD:


The first issue will be a limited edition 500 copies double-cd in gatefold sleeve, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for this amazing compilation!


Cronos Titan have now performed their two first live-gigs in 16 years! The first one was at the Electrock Festival 2012 i Sarpsborg on May 26th., and it was a "short" set, consisting of the songs: "Civil War At City Hall", "The Creator", "Razorbath", "I Am A mand Of God" and "God Hates Murder".

Then we played again on June 23rd. in Oslo at Royal Revolver, and in this set there where 3 new songs, and the following set was performed: "The Spiritual Hunger", "Civil War At City Hall", "Crash The Scriptures", "I Am A Man Of God", "God Hates Murder" og "In Times Of Passion".

The 3 new songs got a great response from the audience, and at the moment we have between 8 and 10 new songs/demos in the works, and we also have a record deal for a new album with Emmo.Biz Records, so we are currently working hard on a new album release. Our new label is also working very hard for us to secure some live gigs in Germany, and this is very exciting for us!

So, Cronos Titan was not dead, TITANS REMAIN, TITANS RETURN!!!


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