CASUS BELLI MUSICA is a Russian independent musical label that has been existing since 2008. We focus on releasing the bands mainly playing pagan/folk metal, neofolk and martial/industrial. Our sublabel ELECTRICA CAELESTIS was founded for releasing black metal, doom metal, ambient bands.

Selecting groups and albums for releasing, we are guided, first of all, by our own taste and preferences. The important role is played by personal contacting the musicians, therefore we maintain not only the business, but also friendly relations with the majority of groups of our label.

We set a mission of underground music support, promoting and widely distributing the albums of gifted, mainly Russian, groups and projects in the territory of Russia and abroad. The label maintains broad communications with underground labels worldwide and provides own production distribution in all continents (with the only exception of Antarctica and Africa :)).

We are a home for OPRICH (folk metal, Rybinsk), MOLOGA (apocalyptic dark folk, Rybinsk), BIRDS’ WAY (folk darkwave, Naberezhnye Chelny), HAGL (black metal, Tver), ICONOCLAST (black metal, Rybinsk), NIDRA (doom/dark metal, Perm).

Our label is very attentive towards any of our releases, that’s why the primary emphasis is not placed upon a quantity of released CD’s, but upon their quality. We share the opinion, that a musical album is an audiovisual work of art, and, in this case, the CD’s musical content and its graphical expression are not separable from each other.

Thanks to cooperation with gifted artists and designers, there are CD’s with, indeed, unique design among our releases. Anyway, it is pleasant and interesting to hold each our release in the arms. It should be noted especially for foreign listeners that in most cases the booklets of our releases include lyrics’ poetic translations by our friend, a talented translator, a poet and a musician Sergey AR Pavlov, who is celebrated for his translations of lyrics of such groups as ARKONA, ALKONOST, MUNRUTHEL, HAGL, MASTER (USA/Czech), RAVEN (U.K.).